10 Worrying Car Noises and What They Could Mean

Driving is very much a sensory experience, cars are visually stimulating objects to admire and some, impressionable to hear. Sometimes they can even give our nostrils a blast, think of the smell of petrol and new car smell hmm… In terms of driving on the limit, a racing driver’s ability to process their senses atContinue reading “10 Worrying Car Noises and What They Could Mean”

Driven: Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition (PS4)

Those of us with a passion for cars, or motor racing, have a tough job of physically involving ourselves. Realistically, you’re not going to be a racing driver if you don’t come from money; likewise, you’re not going to get a chance to drive a sports car unless you’ve got dosh, or have a closeContinue reading “Driven: Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition (PS4)”

My uncle bought a new BMW and boy does it have some nostrils!

As I made my way back from an afternoon stroll, something resembling a tank caught my eye. Positioned rather proudly on my grandmother’s drive stood my uncle’s new toy; a 2019 BMW X5 45E X Drive, plug in to your heart’s desire, hybrid. Hmm. Now my uncle has long been a fan of PCP financeContinue reading “My uncle bought a new BMW and boy does it have some nostrils!”

Driving on the wrong side of the road needn’t be so strange…

As I near the tender age of 24, regrettably, my life long passion for cars has yet to be properly fulfilled. Most notably, ownership of my own set of wheels! Not the best start to a blog about cars but hey, you have to start somewhere! Soon after hearing of a further delay to myContinue reading “Driving on the wrong side of the road needn’t be so strange…”