Hi there, I’m James Drujon, a young, goofy, Car Journalist. I’m the Junior Reviews Producer for Carwow, but this? Motor Thoughts? This is my baby, and my blog on anything car related. But where did it all begin?

Well, from a young age I’ve always been passionate about cars and anything motorised. I started Motor Thoughts in 2020. I had just got my first job out of uni, working in a sound studio in Soho. Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere and just two months into the new job, Coronavirus happened. Tough times indeed, but I was one of the lucky ones. Fortunately for me, I was furloughed and still living with my parents. In fact, I’m still living with my parents… But anyway, I was unsure of my new job and was always curious about being a Car Journalist. The Pandemic, for me, was the perfect opportunity to give it a shot…

Fast forward to 2021, I had written a few pieces on Motor Thoughts and had started freelancing for Carwow as a camera Operator – I studied Media Production at Uni. Come the spring time, the sound studio wanted me back. Having spent a year or so not really doing any work for them and living off Furlough, it was about time. But my mind was already set. Having spent a month or so juggling between working for Carwow and the studio, I decided to quit the Soho dream.

Luckily, I soon managed to get both feet in the door at Carwow, as an assistant to their Project Manager. Fast forward to 2022 and I’m organising shoots, writing the odd bit for the website and making Mat Watson tea! How things have changed. I once made Olivia Coleman tea at the studio, she really liked my tea, what a lady. Simon Cowell? Dickhead!

Why am I going on about tea and myself like this? It’s all rather self indulgent… Oh yeah, so Motor Thoughts is a place for me to develop my writing and journalistic credentials. Bit boring really. But this is what it is, so please bare this in mind. I do lots of bits and bobs at Carwow and not as much writing as I’d like to. On top of that, Carwow is a site for buying and selling cars. The car reviews and blogs on the site are all about helping customers, so they’re written in quite a simplistic, friendly and helpful tone. Which is what it should be. But Motor Thoughts? This is my baby and my place to let off steam, say what I really think, and have a laugh!

But erm, really, this is just a place for me to get better at writing. I really appreciate the time people may take to read my pieces on here, even if you’re just reading this now! Above all else though, I would really appreciate any feedback and thoughts on Motor Thoughts 🙂


James Drujon

Otherwise known as: Jammo, The Droujjj and sometimes Colonel Mustard.

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